What mattered #3: Ws and Ls

Welcome to What mattered. It was a shortened week for the markets with a long Easter weekend. Yay. Still, we got plenty of action and of course some W’s and L’s. Lets get right into it. Another week another HF blow up: You almost feel there’s something weird going on with the ‘smart money’ in…More

What mattered #2: Reversal

(Disclaimer: None of this is investment advice. Please conduct your own research. I may or may not be holding positions in the securities/products discussed) Welcome to this week’s edition of What mattered where look at some interesting developments in global financial markets and try to figure out why it really matters. In the previous edition,…More

What mattered #1

Welcome to What mattered. This is the first of my weekly posts I intend to publish. What mattered would be a collection of most important market developments of the week all around the world, and why it matters if you’re invested in these global markets. Almost a year has gone by when we saw the…More