What mattered #8 – Transitory?

Welcome to What Mattered. An update on trends and narratives driving global markets and why it matters for your investment portfolios. First, an inflation check. The U.S CPI reading came in higher than expected (5.4% YoY, a record since 2008). Policymakers still believe its transitory and the price increases will fade away as supply normalises.…More

What mattered #7 – Dividends are forever

Welcome to another edition of What Mattered. A collection of stories and events grabbing eyeballs in the markets. There was a time when investors cared about cash returns on equities. Dividends were like a filter to screen the stocks you wanted to invest in. A stable stream of dividends was considered a positive, as a…More

What mattered #6: ESG makes a comeback

Welcome back to What Mattered. A short read on key market events and stories driving the narratives around businesses and investing. Yuval Noah Harari famously put in his most recent book 21 Lessons for the 21st Century, “Humans think in stories rather than in facts, numbers, or equations, and the simpler the story, the better”.…More

What mattered #5 – Extraordinary

This is What mattered. A collection of stories and events driving the market narrative every week. I wonder how the relative strengths of positive and negative stories and newsflow has changed since the world started getting out of the valley of eternal dread in the lockdowns of 2020. Every sliver of a positive surprise is…More

What mattered #4 – Bullish

Welcome to another edition of What mattered. Newsflow, earnings, IPOs – the money game was firing on all cylinders this week. Global markets posted healthy gains as they digested positives coming in various shapes and forms. Lets get right to it. Crypto goes legit – Coinbase IPO Ever since Coinbase had filed its S-1, it…More