Consumption basket

Here’s what kept me in a default consumptive state this week! 📈 👨‍💻


“The debate about offices isn’t always really a debate about offices. In many cases, it’s a tug-of-war over tradition” – Remote vs in-office, which side are you on?

ok, how much accuracy are we willing to sacrifice in our models for how much privacy offered to the user?” – How data privacy is no longer binary, but a knob and another variable

“When it comes to networks, the bigger the better, right? Not necessarily.” – A carefully curated inner circle is much more valuable than a haphazardly created gigantic network

“Auclert et al argue that population aging—and slowing population growth—is partly responsible for the global drop in interest rates because slower population growth reduces investment.” – Has a declining population growth pushed the rates down too?


Games of the past and games today. What’s changed?


Everybody Lies – Looking at the world from the lens of Google search data

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Have a great week.

The Atomic Investor

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