Consumption basket

Here’s what kept me in a default consumptive state this week! πŸ“ˆ πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»


“I get asked quite often, What do you look for in a microcap company?” – So you want to invest in micro-caps?

“In Africa today, mobile money is bigger business than mobile voice or mobile data. And it all started in Kenya fifteen years ago” – The story of M-Pesa

“Many of the best exits are now routinely 12–14 years from inception because there is just so much private-market capital available at very attractive prices and without public market scrutiny” – The changing VC landscape

“In life the challenge is not so much to figure out how best to play the game; the challenge is to figure out what game you’re playing” – The investing playing field


Jerry Seinfeld’s systems, routines and methods for success


Thinking in Bets – an incredibly useful guide on how to think about risk and decision making in an uncertain world.

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Have a great week.

The Atomic Investor

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