Consumption basket

Here’s what kept me in a default consumptive state this week! 📈 👨‍💻


“Information and disease spread as “simple contagions”, requiring only one contact for transmission, while behaviors typically spread as “complex contagions”” – A framework to view technology led behavioral change

“Only 60 percent of startups are currently paying for rent, with that amount set to decrease as many expect to cancel their lease as soon as it expires.” – Startups are spending more on Airbnb’s than office rent

“At Stripe, we talk about product “shaping,” which is a term I hadn’t encountered before” – Stripe’s (the most valuable private company in the world) deep thinking culture

“But if CBDC are just a form of digital cash, why do central banks want to issue that in the first place?” – What are CBDC’s and why we might need them?


For someone who’s been eagerly waiting to get their hands on crypto ETFs, you might want listen to this one


Leading sheds a bright light on Sir Alex’s leadership, his methods and how to build a winning culture when you’re at the helm

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Have a great week.

The Atomic Investor

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