Consumption basket

Here’s what kept me in a default consumptive state this week! πŸ“ˆ πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»


“A big lesson from history is how chance encounters lead to both magic and mayhem in ways that would have been impossible to predict.” – On how chance events can change the course of history

“When many investors think of short-sellers, they think not of eager 22-year-olds jousting with shady companies but of bad guys practicing a dark art to drag a company down and enrich themselves” – The makings of a young short seller

“The shift from Facebook to Amazon is nascent, and it’s too early to gauge how widespread the phenomenon is or how enduring it will be.” – Facebook’s loss is Amazon’s gain, due to something that Apple did

“The key difference between the Internet and the metaverse is the idea of β€œpresence”” – The different meanings of Metaverse


The story of Solana and the underlying principles of the tech and the project


Prisoners of Geography – A lot of what is happening in the world can be explained by the laws of geography, an insightful read

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Have a great week.

The Atomic Investor

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