Consumption basket

Here’s what kept me in a default consumptive state this week! 📈 👨‍💻


That’s a 100X return, and in the investment community, we refer to this rare event as a 100-bagger. Viewed in the context of average investment returns, it’s nothing but fantasy or wishful daydreaming. – The Angel Investing playbook

The idea is to give your memories something to hang on to. – How to build a memory palace

Finding your own voice is much more fulfilling. – A lot of it overlaps with my reasons behind starting The Atomic Investor

Of Amazon’s top 50 best-sellers in “Children’s Vaccination & Immunisation”, close to 20 are by anti-vaccine polemicists, and 5 are novels about fictional pandemics – Does Amazon know what it sells?


  1. Developments at Apple and why should we pay attention to what is going on


One of my favorite reads ever. Digital Minimalism – On controlling the tech that surrounds you instead of the other way around

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Have a great week.

The Atomic Investor

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  1. Croissant says:

    Digital minimalism seems an interesting read! need of the hour.Thanks for the recco


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