This week’s best – November 15

As promised, I would be sending you the articles, newsletters and other content I thought were most interesting. This is the first of those weekly posts.

What I’m reading:

The Big Lessons from History – Morgan Housel

Morgan is one of the best financial writers of this generation in my humble opinion. In this post he talks about some broad lessons that this year’s mega-event/societal-shock/whatever-you-want-to-call-it could teach us. ¨The more granular the lesson, the less useful it would be for the future.¨

Anatomy of a Successful Fintech – Marc Rubenstein

Marc talks about how MarketAxess changed the Fixed Income trading space and how regulation (yes, one of the most pejorative words today) unlocked value for this market.

DoorDash files to go public – Alex Wilhelm

DoorDash, the U.S food delivery company filed its S-1 this week. More numbers and discussion in the post.


Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk

Peter Bernstein has written some masterpieces in the past. This one takes you through the history of probability and how we developed the most widely used methods in risk-managament. Some great lessons to take away from this book (reach out if you would like me to share my notes and highlights from it!)

See you next week!

The Atomic Investor

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