Twenty-six years in the making.

Yes. That’s how long its taken me to publish my first blogpost. Although I’ve been quite active on various social media platforms lately and have openly expressed my views on topics that interest me, I realised I needed a different channel for my thoughts, one where I could say what I want to say, articulate my thought-process the way I want to and connect with my blog-reading, web-surfing brethren.

I would like to kick things off with a post talking about what I’ll be talking about. The blog may evolve over time and take a different life-form but here goes:

Over the past years, I have come to love building upon my intellectual capacities and learning about life and human behavior, including my own self. I grew up as an ardent reader, reading anything and everything I could get my hands on. Though I spent a lion’s share of my reading time and effort on science/tech and the classic spy-espionage stories (a weird combination I know!), one of the topics that piqued my interest was the art of decision making, going from process to outcomes, dealing with uncertainties and probabilities of success, managing risks associated to what we do and how to go about life.  

Also, one thing led to another and I found myself deeply engrossed the world of investing and the global markets. It is something that I can see myself doing all the time, and it transcends the barriers between work and play for me.

Henceforth, I intend to post about some of these topics, sometimes individually, sometimes a mix of these, ideas that I feel I should be talking about.

I might also chip in with another weekly post curating some pieces I read online which I think are interesting, books that I’m adding to my to-read list and yes, movies or shows I’ve added to my watch-list. Win-win for everyone 😊

Thanks for 3 minutes of your time, it took me 13,665,600 minutes to write this one!


The Atomic Investor

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